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Updates on the website

 1.       Farm Manager’s Report for September 2013.

A copy of Glen's latest report is available to logged on Members on the Jejane website, here . . .

2.       Incorrect fax number

The fax number given in the email “Site Compliance Inspection” is incorrect. Please amend to 086 543571.

3.       Closing date for orders for Fire Beaters and handles.

If you have not already placed your order, please do so before the 30 September 2013. Orders to please be in writing to Alex at or faxed to 086 543 3571.

4.       Annual General Meeting

The planning is under way for the  Annual General Meeting. The anticipated date, is during the first week of November. The Chairman requests, all resolutions for consideration at the meeting be sent at your earliest convenience. Kindly ensure your resolution is seconded and has a brief motivation.

Shareholders will be notified of the venue and date as soon as available.


January 2014 - Bird Photos
January 2014 - Elephant Photos


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