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Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) on MSNR

Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) on Mohlabetsi South Nature Reserve (MSNR)

Recently, Peace Parks provided funding to Balule to establish an armed Anti-Poaching Unit for the region, including the MSNR. The APU comprises a 13 man unit, of which 8 guards are on duty at any one time. The guards operate in pairs and have designated operating areas. The MNSR, fall into one of the areas.

The patrol team are currently deployed in our area, and Shareholders may be alerted to their presence whilst they are orientating themselves to the area. The guards are in uniform; a standard camouflage uniform, berets and are armed with semi - automatic rifles. They are operating on foot and will be camping in the bush  and in designated pickets, for example, the pump house at the water tanks.

Interestingly, the guards have reported seeing 2 adult male white lions near the residential area on Saturday. Please report any sightings of these lions to Glen.


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