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Elephant Warning!

Man Killed by Elephant in Balule Nature Reserve

Yesterday around 9am a man was tragically killed in a vicious attack by an elephant bull.

The incident occurred on the Balule region of York (not too far from our Railway gate). Arriving on the gruesome scene I was able to ascertain with reasonable accuracy that the attack was unprovoked. The men were laying a water pipe when two elephant came up on them, one of which charged chasing down one of the men and killing him. I

n light of this and other recent aggressive behaviour from bulls particularly those in musth, we appeal to members to be extra cautious when viewing elephant. And under no circumstances should you walk on the reserve.

Shareholders are warned of the dangers elephants, especially those in musth. Please familiarise yourself, your authorised users, and guests of the hints given below. Shareholders are reminded that walking and cycling on the farm are not permitted.

Hints for safer viewing of elephant

1. If the circumstances permit, always reverse into a sighting. This way if things turn nasty, you can always drive away in your forward gears.

2. Never allow any of the passengers to stand up in the vehicle. There won’t be time to go back and collect them once they have fallen out when you “popped the clutch” getting away from a charging elephant.

3. Only switch off your engine if you are reasonably sure your vehicle will start again easily, otherwise leave it running.

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